BBG AGAIN!!?? wait what?

Hello babes, 

If you have been following me on instagram for a while, then you know I started my account doing BBG, I wanted to have a tool keep myself accountable and connect with other amazing BBGers. 

Since then, my fitness life has changed so much. I did finish BBG 1.0 & 2.0 in 2015 and early 2016, but since I have tried pretty much every class in Boston, obsessed over a few, bought and tried countless of different fitness guides, had tried my own workouts and although, I was very happy with it, I felt a bit out of place. I missed the schedule and having a plan there for me. 

So when I was in México I decided to start BBG again. I was battling between two plans I love and came down to the next 5 reasons why I started BBG again:

  1. The workouts are easy to do anywhere. I own a few dumbbells and is easy for me to do a few workouts at home when I need to.
  2. They are only 28 minutes. Yes, I love this. Specially since I will putting more effort in this blog, work and teaching, I needed it a workout plan that would be fast to do but challenging enough to keep me in shape.
  3.  The community. Yes, I felt FOMO and I couldn't resist. I saw the #12weekchallenge starting and had to join. I remember the first time I did BBG and how awesome it was seeing all the woman doing it and cheering up each other, and I honestly needed that.
  4. My OG BBG Boston friends started too. This makes me the happier! I have a message group with the first woman from Boston that I met through BBG and most of us are doing BBG again. It is so amazing having that support again and cheer up your friends. 
  5. How easy it is to modify days if I needed too. I am doing BBG but I am not sticking 100% to the cardio part, so I like I can still take Btone classes, or boxing instead of LISS and HIIT. That way I feel like I am changing it up, in case I get bored. 

Although I am planning finishing the 12 weeks, I will be posting more HIIT workouts in this blog for you to use, and will have a real think of what is next after this 12 weeks. 

What about you? are you still doing BBG? and if so, let's connect! follow me on instagram or send me a tweet!