A few weeks ago I was scroolling on instagram and just reading and listening stories, and they were all about the same. Woman feeling insecure and wishing they had a different body shape, or longer legs, toner arms, a six pack, or tips on how to get the above, etc. I kept noticing that even in my work and the street, "compliments" were given on attributes someone else didn't have like "omg but you are so skinny" or "but your legs are longer than mines" and I though to myself "aren't we supposed to be the example of younger girls?" "we are grown ups, we should deal with our insecurities and feel confident and proud for what we are and have" 

I am not saying by any means that I am 100% confident all the time, let's be honest, we will never be, we are humans. BUT, if you are living your life doubting and criticizing your body every single day, than you are not going anywhere babe. 

From my own experience, if I am telling myself when I am running "damn you are slow" or "omg your belly is moving, it is not tone" "your legs are heavy" than I am stoping right there, I feel defeated and gross. But I have done a little bit of an experiment, and when I run, workout or simply go for a walk, I tell myself the opposite "yes you can" "who cares what others think" "stand tall and proud, you deserve it!" - my whole day changes and my workouts end up on fire. 

It is the same about our bodies. When my twin brother became paraplegic I had this urge to show myself I was grateful for having a body that allows me just to be alive, but you don't have to wait to for that, you own your body, you should feel proud of it NO MATTER WHAT. 

I asked my Instagram babes why they love their body. Read below, and I hope truly, that this will fire something up on you and you start telling yourself how fucking awesome you are. 

I love my body because it has help create 3 little lives and in the last year it has surprise me with how much strong it is. Which is why I like to work out and run because I get to physically see how strong I am. - @juicygreensboston

I love my body because it never ceases to amaze me how strong it is no matter which challenge I throw at it. I want to take the best care of it I can so that I can continue to get stronger and healthier - @wellbysamantha

I love my body because it carries me through workouts and allows me to move hard and sweat! It makes me happy to show my muscles - @bodybyasia

I love my body because of the amazing abilities I can do. Like pull ups and carrying groceries home, swimming in the ocean and getting down with my hubby - @thebalancedbod

I love my body because I have worked my ass off (literally) to get where I am. I'm proud of my accomplishments and I finally feel comfortable and confident in my own skin again. If I'm being real, I've always suffered from body image issues. My weight has yo-yo'd my whole life, but with boxing and EBF I feel a huge personality change from getting stronger and overcoming obstacles. - @knevans39

I love my body because it allows me to run long distances, lift heavy things, and (best of all) hug the people I love - @erintthewanderess

I love my body because it has learned to trust me again. After countless years of counting calories, over-eating, under eating, overtraining, and obsessing over how I looked versus how I felt, my body now allows me to maintain a healthy weight. My body also forgives me when I get off track, have a bad a day, or fall into old habits. Switching my mindset from appearance to grattitude of all the amazing things my body is capable of has been life changing. A strong and balanced body is a beautiful body. - @balancebybeth

I love my body because it is always there for me. With every step, with every push-up, with every burpee, every row stroke, every long run, every lunge; it never ceases to amaze me. I try to end all my classes with the quote "you have the strength, you have the willpower, convince your mind, yes you can and let's get it done!" There's something about being sweaty and spent but when you find that "YES I CAN" mentality, your body finishes what you started, and you get the chills - feeling amazed at what you just did. I will never forget the amount of energy i felt running the Boston Marathon, specially when I turned right on Hereford and Left on Boylston. I never thought I would and could sprint the Boston Marathon Finish line, but somehow my body had the strength to dig deep, find that last bit of energy, hold onto it, use it and channel towards finishing strong - @dsk8154

it's the only body I have πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ so I better love it! πŸ˜‚ also bc it's a piece of who I am. Loving my body and finding the mind-body-soul connection give me a feeling of calm and peace. - @handemirel

I love my body because it gets me from point A to point B. My size is something that took me a long time to accept. So it might not get me there at 6'2" and 185 lbs, but it gets me there and I am incredibly grateful for that! -Ryan, 31 - @rshoga08

why I love my body...although struggling with multiple chronic illnesses, my body still wakes up every damn day, carries me through each day and despite it all is still capable of becoming stronger and stronger πŸ’› (age 30) - @rachel.acu.yogi

Im 28, my name is Andy, and i love my body because is created life (my baby Cruz) - @fitandyy

I love my body because it allows me to do and try anything fitness related. - @taralaferrara

I love my body because it powers me through my day πŸ™Œ (age 26) @meowmeix

27, Emily, I love my body because it is so much stronger than I give it credit for. It's proved me wrong over and over again, my favorite days are when my brain says "I can't" & my body says "hold on a second- watch this". - @em_knight_

Amanda -35, because it allows me to see the world from places a car can't go.- @runtothefinish

I love that my body tells me exactly what it needs-- even though it can take work to understand. Emily- 29 - @im.emily.bean

I love my body because it goes through everything in life. From birth to death. It grows for years, it rests when we sleep, it goes through pain and deals with all the food and drinks we put into it. But mostly, because it takes care of me and I've seen it change beautifully! - @sweatwithalli

 I grew up with it, and even though I was taller than everyone in my class (not a bad thing haha), it is a reflection of my heritage and family background and I love that ☺️ - @amy_friel

My name is Paola and I'm 30! #WhyILoveMyBody means embracing my body with all its flaws and loving it unconditionally!- @paosfitworld

I love that my body pushes me through hard workouts even when I think I can't keep going. I love that I can feel how strong my core has gotten, even if I can't always see it. And I love how strong my WHOLE body, mind and all, are. - Gen, 28 - @gengoldsmith

Love my body because it is uniquely mine! I think that is a beautiful thing ❀️ - @suitablysophie

I love my body because together, we've been through so much. This body has been through 10 years of competitive gymnastics. It's been run down and broken at times but always comes back stronger and refuses to quit. It's been through competitive cheerleading for 8 years and has always been capable of more than I give it credit for. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™  - @mackenzienoelm

My name is Kaitlyn I'm 24 and I love my body because it constantly surprises me with all it is capable of achieving. - @_kvfit

I love my body cuz I put it through some unhealthy things but it's still here working hard for meeee. - @justdimpleit

Nicole, 34, I love my body because it lets me hug, lift, play with my children everyday. I love my body because it moves me to my work every day. I am grateful to this vessel for letting my spirit commune with the world around me. - @niccent

I am 31, my name is Tania, #whyilovemybody is because is mine and it is where I carry my passions, emotions, love, pain and dreams. I control it, and love seeing the process of change. πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ½ - @taniacas

Always have had issues with accepting my very muscular shoulders and I've been judged hard for them but I love that allow me to hit hard, lift heavy and swim well. - @erinaliciaguiney1

Because I'm stronger than I look (and lift heavier than some men). Tiny, but mighty! -Berniedette, 33 - @petiteandtoned

I love my body because I didn't appreciate for 24 years and now I'm feeling stronger and better than ever by fueling it with real food! -@sullivanstreeteats

what it means to me...because I'm stronger every day and am capable of anything. Valerie, 31.- @valeriefidan

Love it bc it's MINE! And that's special. - @maeelizabethg

I'm winnie and I'm 30! I love my body because it supports me at all times and proves to me it's stronger than I think! - @winniesbalance_

I'm Sarah and I'm newly 24yrs old. I love my body because it has given me an appreciation for those around me. My body has changed so much in the last year, and I'm constantly struggling with image issues that I've never dealt with before. It has shown me the strength it takes to face the world with a body you're not 100% proud of. It has also taught me what healthy and happy looks like. I am working to no longer be body conscious, but instead be health conscious, and my body is helping me with that whether I like it or not! - @scmauney2323

I'm 38, and despite an extensive list of various injuries that snowballed over a period of 6 years I've used strength training to finally overcome them. I'm now faster, stronger, and smaller than I've ever been and I get to test my limits with new things everyday. - @featsofscooter

 love my body because it gives me strength ❀️❀️❀️ - @wellandthecity

 I love my body becuase of all of the things it does for me! - @coffeeandcardio

I love my body because it carries my through this life in such a wonderfully strong way! - @shaylaquinn

I'm Amanda and I'm 18 and I love my body because I have danced for 15 years and I have recovered from multiple knee and back I juices and still workout everyday how I want! I cook my own food and eat tons of veggies and feel so great! I'm not 100% proud of my body but I am the healthiest and most fit I have ever been! I am lean and strong and I feel beautiful. I need to work on my confidence but I am working for true happiness and I love the journey! - @mandymunchies 

27 I love my body bc it surprises me everyday with its strength - @sophactivelife


Whatever part of your journey you are, never doubt yourself. Always look at yourself in the mirror with confidence, acceptance and love

Thank you for sharing your #WhyILoveMyBody, reading, commenting and supporting others everyday. If you know someone that needs this today, share it and add your own #WhyILoveMyBody in the comments. 


With love,