Why you need Floating Therapy now!

Hello bootyfuls!

A couple weeks ago, when I was in México, I got super sore at the gym. I haven't workout that hard in a while so my body wasn't ready yet. The soreness in my back and quads was specially bad and made me think in getting a massage. But I remembered someone had told me about floating and how good it was to relax and relieve muscle pain. 

The same week, I saw a photo on Balans Organic Spa Instagram talking facials and plant-based skincare. It totally caught my attention and stayed in their page a little while stalking them :p

Marie, the owner of Balans organic spa, invited me to try a few services and of course had to try Floating! It was my perfect opportunity!

photo from Balans Organic Spa  website . 

photo from Balans Organic Spa website

But, wait a second...what is floating therapy?

Floating is one of the best relaxation therapy out there. It helps you being alone, relax and just recharge energies. 

At Balans Organic Spa, you enter the floated room that has ten inches of deep water. It is at body temperature and is nearly saturated with epsom salt. 

"It is dense like the Dead Sea with profound health benefits. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and is a essential mineral for bone health and nervous system." - Marie, owner and founder of Balans Organic Spa

What is it like? 

Well, you enter into the float room, wash off the chemicals you might have with Maria Akerberg products, so the water doesn't get contaminated. Get in the tub and float. You will literally float. It has so much salt that your body will automatically fight his way up. No worries, you will be fine. I used a little floating pillow to rest my neck and head and let myself go. I could feel how my muscles were relaxed. I almost felt like flying. 

You don't need to use a swimsuit, or anything. You can put some music on, or use a guided meditation. Or just be in silence. It can be hard be in silence, but that just mean you are stress and need to relax. 

What happens after? 

Once your session is done, just wash your body with water to take the extra salt away. You don't need to wash your hair (just add conditioner), or body with soup since the salt is still making wonders in your skin. 

Some people float once a month, some once every other month. I think I will do the same and come back every other month to relax and have some me time, and treat myself with some Maria Akerberg products! My favorite is the papaya piling and the face balm rose. Most of her products are vegan, but all of them are organic and made with natural ingredients. Seriously OBSESSED! 

Balans Organic Spa, offers extra amenities to get yourself ready before you walk out. Their staff is super knowledgeable and will never make feel like rushing. They are genuinely taking care of you.

If you are in Boston, or visiting, I highly recommend trying it. They offer an introductory rate or packages to keep coming back for more. 

You can also use "Balans10" for 10% off in ALL products and services (expires 12/15) 

See you there!