Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Perfect

From a young age, we've been told to sit right, behave like a lady, smile and be polite. Always trying to look feminine and act certain way. We always worried of what to say, how to act, what not to wear. Always trying to be the role model. 

Not many of us were confident enough growing up to break that perfect model, to channel our inner bad ass. Luckily for us, times are changing. Being strong and powerful, as women, is acceptable. We are breaking models and restrictions. I can be proud of showing my muscles and that I can lift more than guys. 

We are brave enough to say is ok not being perfect. Is ok to wear a crop top without a six pack, is ok to have curves, it is ok to have an accent, it is ok to be imperfect. I am happy to represent women that aren't perfect, that doesn't have their shit together. Because, ladies, we are humans. We will never be perfect, and that is OK. 

I was part of the inspirational wall! 

This week I was part of the @ReebokWomen #PerfectNever Army, and together we came to celebrate imperfections. 

During the event, we experienced a Gotham Self Defense class, with Gigi Hadid trainer Rob Piela, and Gigi herself. We learnt to kick and punch hard, to not be scared to show strength. Along many women, we sweated our doubts out and realize that strong women are here to stay. 

Gigi sat down along fellow badass queens - like Lena Dunham, Olympic gymnast Aly RaismanZoe Kravitz, and Ruby Rose - to share their opinions around perfection, women expectations and social media. Among many ideas bounce around the room, there were a few quotes that stayed with me since then. 

From left to right: Jessica Mendoza, Aly Raisman, Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, Zoe Kravitz & Lena Dunham. 

1. Find your gang.

Gigi stays close to her friends and family. She hand pick the people that matters and blocks out the bad vibes. This helps her to stay positive in hard times.  “Those people who love you know that you’re a good person and are always the best at lifting you up,” she explains. “My friends and family are the people who I look to in times of doubt because they remind me who I am and who I’m trying to be.”

2. Never pretend to be anyone else.

Ruby Rose doesn't waste time pretending to be someone else. She focus her energy in her own authenticity, and owns it. Remember there is only one of you in this world, is that cool thing of living in this planet. 

With babe Candice Huffine, founder of @PSYougothis

3. Connections over follower count.

Yes, it is cool to have a "successful" (I don't consider having X a mount of followers successful) social media, but what is cool is the connections we create, the raw real ones. We all want to look cute and perfect on Instagram, but I admire more the connections i've created cause of social media. Those new faces and friends that come together to take a class with me, or support my friends. Connections are above all.  

4. Positive self-talk.

It is easy to judge someone over a photo, but always remember that is actually someone behind the phone. We often forget that people has feelings, and a mean comment can ruin someones day. Even celebrities get affect by it. When this happen just remember you are a good person, that you have a value and are more than a pretty photo. Fight those demons in your head and remember you are where you are because you deserve it. I give positive self-talk to myself everyday, and I think we all should do it and remind us how badass we are. 

5. Focus on effort, not results.

Work hard and stay humble. Don't stress out because you want to be number one in everything. It is ok to be competitive, however, it is more important to ask yourself, is this me working hard? or am I just compering myself to others? Am I giving my 110%? If at the end of the day, you tried as hard as you could, than that is it. You will never make everyone happy, so just try to focus on what you can do. 

Thank you for coming along, let's celebrate our imperfections and support our girl gang. 

Now, it is your turn!

What makes you imperfect?