Boxing 101: Why You Should Start Boxing Right Now!

We get it Ana, you work at a boxing gym and you met Gigi Hadid, so you think you need to tell everyone how boxing is good for them. - everyone. 

And although, I am not trying to sell you out and ask you to come to my classes (but if it works, then please come!), I thought it was time for me to spill the beans and write the benefits of boxing. After all, I work, teach and work out at a boxing gym. 

Boxing makes me feel like a badass, and when I hear George saying I punch like a guy, i am like fuck YEAAAHHH! - I love when I walk into the ring to do some MITT work and I am just another boxer, I am not the skinny girl, the blogger or the weak sister Hugo used to make fun of, I am just there for a good punch. And don't get me started on boxing classes, have you seen all the girls punching like nobody's business? ah yaasss, thats what I am all about. 

If you have been wondering if you should try it out, and fear that would be hard or intimidating, than let me tell you is not like that at all. Boxing is so humbling, and such a good sweat. 

Here some benefits you will get right away...

The ultimate full-body workout: 

The typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise. Indeed, the boxers' workout is guaranteed to get anyone into the best shape of their lives.

Boxing workouts improves every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. Exercises that we emphasized at EBF include, heavy bag, speed-ball spring-ball and medicine-ball work, skipping, running, weight-training (calisthenics mainly) and wind-sprints. 

SO yeah..boxing is way more than just hitting a bag! 

The Confidence Boost

Not only you will leave the bags room feeling like you can conquer the world, but your level of self awareness completely changes. 

I not only feel more confident of my own strength but I am confident I can defense myself if anything happens. I am not saying you will turn into a aggressive person but at least you will know ho trough a good punch ;)

When someone is confident in the ability to defend themselves physically, this often translates to a psychological benefit of self-contentment and peace of mind.

The Stress Reliever King

Boxing is the ultimate sport for countering stress, in my view. The combination of strength training and aerobic work provides the best of both worlds in terms of feeling a muscular pump and stimulating the cardiovascular system - both of which enhance psychological well-being.

After a hard day, hitting the heavy bag for 5-to-6 rounds serves as a tremendous stress release. Boxing (particularly concentrating on the focus mitts) enhances the ability to relax, which helps keep the boxer calm and poised under pressure. In this sense, boxing might help one to manage their life more efficiently.

You will not only feel like a million bucks but you will sleep like a baby, believe me!

If you want to know more about boxing, how to actually punch and/or you have more questions, comment below! 

Can't wait to know more about what you think!